Using the Site Title in Flow triggered by a Site Design

Use additional properties as the Site Title in Flow. By calling Flow from your site design and passing the site title you can create rich reports.

Migrate Legal Hold Information

Ever had to do a tenant to tenant migration? Me neither, up until a few months ago. A large merger resulted in two organizations that had to merge there Office 365 tenants. There are a few [...]

OneDrive Sync client and Company Name

At Mavention we have been using the modern OneDrive sync client forever. It works perfectly and Files on Demand are awesome! However recently we encountered some new behaviour. When syncing [...]

Using AI to classify your SharePoint Data

Last year I finally had the opportunity to work on a real-life AI scenario. One of our customers was looking to auto-tag their data to improve findability. Based on the customer needs a colleague [...]

Confusing RSS connector in Flow

During the holidays I finally found some time to play around with flow again. Currently I have running a recipe in IFTT that posts a tweet whenever I finish a book on Goodreads. The recipes uses [...]

SPSBE Slides: Deploying in a Cloud First World

Deploying in a Cloud First World; continuous integration and continuous deployment. Topics you see arising more and more when developing for Office 365. So with the development model maturing and [...]

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