List all failed site designs in your tenant

At the SPC19 in Las Vegas, I had the chance to present on site designs. During the final discussion on the options for administrators, a nice question arose. How can I get an overview of all [...]

Adding links to teams in your SharePoint site

Creating new teams based on templates has never been easier. You can easily use existing teams as a template. One of the things I encounter often is that it makes sense to add some additional [...]

Study guide MS-300:

I just found the new Microsoft 365 beta exams. Last year I haven’t done much of the exams. So it was time to catch up on some of the missing ones. The next few weeks I will try to do the [...]

Diwug Teams Development

I really like developing stuff for teams. So it makes sense that Rick van Rousselt and I did a session at the DIWUG. We did an introduction to Teams Development. During an ordinary DIWUG night at [...]

Using the Site Title in Flow triggered by a Site Design

Use additional properties as the Site Title in Flow. By calling Flow from your site design and passing the site title you can create rich reports.

Migrate Legal Hold Information

Ever had to do a tenant to tenant migration? Me neither, up until a few months ago. A large merger resulted in two organizations that had to merge there Office 365 tenants. There are a few [...]