How to get configuration from Azure App Configuration to Function App with dependencies?

How to get configuration from Azure App Configuration to Function App? And how to do it when this azure app has dependencies to other projects? At first this does not look like a difficult [...]

Transitions vs. animations in (S)CSS

Style-facts part 7 We all have seen some smooth transitions on fancy webpages. It looks cool, most is done with JavaScript. Not everyone knows most sliding open and close or scaling can be done [...]

How to make a toggle switch with css

Style-facts part6 In the last chapter of the style facts we learned how to use borders and shadows. This time we learn how to put this to practice, by making our own toggle switch from a checkbox [...]

Make design magic with borders and shadows

Style-facts part5 Soon or late everybody would like to have some spaceships on their webpage. Just A little magic to accentuate their artistical and technical capable side. Borders and shadows [...]

Responsive design: The things you need to know to make one

Style-facts part4 Responsive design was a buzzword a few years ago and now it is expected to be the fundament of every self respecting website. But since it is a purely styling concept we see [...]

3 levels of CSS-selectors to select all elements

Style-facts part3 This chapter in the series of StyleFacts is about how you can select your element-‘weapon of choice’: The selector. You will see how selectors can be specified for [...]