SharePoint Search Crawl Issue That Makes You Wanna Scream

Recently I was migrating a SharePoint 2016 farm to SharePoint 2019. Not that exciting, because the customer did not have any farm solutions or customizations other than a custom claims provider [...]

Inconvenient duplicate accounts in People Picker with multiple Claims Providers

More and more customers are integrating their SharePoint on-premises environment with Azure Active Directory. The solution AzureCP is used to accomplish this quite easily. The solution installs a [...]

Using PowerShell DSC in ARM Templates

In one of my previous posts I introduced Azure Resource Manager templates, aka ARM templates. These templates are great for deploying and configuring Azure Resources like virtual networks, [...]

Speaking at SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2018

Every year I attend several SharePoint Saturdays, especially Netherlands and Belgium. This year I am thrilled to be present as a speaker. Together with my colleague Albert-Jan Schot we are going [...]

Using ARM templates in a DTAP environment

More and more customers don’t settle with just an Office 365 / Azure tenant as their production environment. They often have one or more additional tenants (or subscriptions) to have an [...]

Dubbele spatie URL Gedeelde Documenten gecorrigeerd

Vrij recent heeft Microsoft een correctie doorgevoerd voor Nederlandse team sites. Het betreft de bibliotheek Gedeelde documenten. De URL bevatte altijd een dubbele spatie. Dit is nu gecorrigeerd [...]