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Workaround for Sitecore Media Library Browser No items found

8 juli 2016

This blog provides a workaround for the Sitecore Media Library Browser 'No items found' issue.

Edwin Vriethoff

Removing Hyper-V checkpoints will retain the current running state

27 juni 2016

This blog answers the question: is the running state retained when a checkpoint is deleted?

Edwin Vriethoff

Filter a SharePoint list or document library view using a workflow status column

1 juni 2016

Instead of the friendly descriptions SharePoint uses numerical status codes for workflow states.

Paul Boelens

Show more than the standard 3 views of a SharePoint list

1 juni 2016

Extend the amount of views visible in the toolbar of a SharePoint list.

Paul Boelens

Sign and add assembly info to your precompiled XSLT

17 mei 2016

Sign your precompiled XSLT and add assembly information to your DLL.

Ralph Noordanus