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Shortly after releasing a new update for the Mavention Birthdays that supports presence information we just released another update. This time with a few design updates. To make it easier to identify the birthdays that take place today they are provided with a back-ground color. Instead of writing todays date the Mavention Birthdays now also renders the text �Today!’for all birthdays that take place today, so it is clear to everyone that someone is having their birthday.

Finally there is a slight change in the query so that birthdays that do take place on the day you look at the app or app part are actually showing up, in the previous versions of the Mavention Birthdays the birthdays of today would not show up. So if you are missing todays birthday make sure you have updated to the latest version!

If you already have a version of the the Mavention Birthdays installed, all you need to do is update the app. You can find a short description on updating an app on MSDN How to: Update apps for SharePoint. If you install a new version you still need to configure it as described in the app or in this previous blog: Mavention Birthdays available in the Office Store

You can find the Mavention Birthdays in the Office Store, or checkout all Apps by Mavention.

Tip: Use the Mavention Profile Completeness to encourage users to keep their profile up-to-date, and show your users the latest birthday information.

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