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Using Mavention Make you can provision a site collections (Site) and/or a sub-sites (Web). 

In this example only creates a sub-site. To create a site collection is described in “Getting started with Mavention Make“.


In this example we create a Minimal Make template for provisioning a sub-site of the type Teamsite (STS#0).


<Configurator xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="">
<Provider NodeName="Web" Class="Mavention.Make.Engine.Providers.WebProvider" Assembly="Mavention.Make.Engine, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=a43c589e76ba4e3d" />
<Web Url="{url}" Title="{title}" Template="STS#0" LCID="1043" >
<Property Name="WebTemplate">My Team subsite</Property>
<Property Name="WebTemplateVersion"></Property>


"d": {
"parameters": [{
"id": "url",
"title": "Site URL",
"inputType": "text",
"required": true,
"sampleValue": "subsite"
}, {
"id": "title",
"title": "Title",
"inputType": "text",
"required": true,
"sampleValue": "My Team"

Configuration List

Mavention Make Web Configuration

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