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Personalization is an important feature in modern portals and web 2.0 concepts. When thinking of (and searching for ) personalization features within SharePoint 2007 you, most often, only find 2 ways of personalization:
  • MySite
  • Target Audiences
These two personalization features are the ones that are used most often and that you will find in your search results when you’re looking for SharePoint possibilities for personalizing your portal. Even when you do a google search for “sharepoint personalization”, the first hit is a Microsoft article that describes only these two features.
Maybe not the personalization feature you use most often, but still a very interesting one to keep in mind is the fact that you can enable every Web Part page to allow users to create a personal view of that page.
For every Web Part on a page the editor of that page can set a couple of properties for allowing users to personalize that Web Part, for instance:
  • Allow Close
  • Allow Hide
  • Allow Zone Change
  • Allow Editing in Personal View

With these properties set for one or more webparts on a page, users with the “Update Personal Web Parts” permission now have the option “Personalize this page” in the “Welcome [your name]” dropdown menu.

I find this personalization feature useful when, for instance, you have a Web Part page with lots of query webparts that display the latest announcements for one department in an organization with a large amount of departments. Users can then place the Web Parts showing the announcements of their favorite departments on top of the page and can close the ones showing the announcements they have nothing to do with.

Of course, the editor of the Web Part page can choose which WebParts are enabled for personalization. The Web Part showing the announcements for his department most likely will not have the property “Allow Close” set to true 😉

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