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Another year another Ignite, so from the 24th till the 28th of September 2018 I was in Orlando for the MSIgnite. So it only made sense to do a DIWUG Ignite recap almost three weeks later. As usual the Ignite was all about the community and all the new stuff that is coming. With 755 sessions on Microsoft 365 and SharePoint and almost 400 hours of recorded materials on those topics doing a recap in 45 minutes was quite challenging.

Ignite Lookbook

In order to inspire everyone with the new capabilities with Modern SharePoint Microsoft released a lookbook. This lookbook contains some beautiful graphics and can help you to convince anyone that Modern SharePoint looks awesome! It contains samples of different options regarding Hub sites, Communication sites and team sites. Each image can be achieved with almost Out of the Box designs. Some of the web parts and options are not yet in first release but during the Ignite Microsoft announced each and every option they show here to be present before the end of the year. A pretty awesome way to start my slides with. You can

Ignite Lookbook image

You can download the Lookbook or visit the SPDesign website for guidance. During the Ignite itself Microsoft also published an overview of most of their announcements in a Book of news. While it does not contain all updates or announcements it served me to get some overview of the updates outside of Microsoft 365 and helped to get a quick overview of things in Azure.

DIWUG Slides

Most of the presentations given by the Product Teams contained a nice overview slide with their roadmap and what is coming. So during my preparations for the DIWUG I downloaded almost all slide decks and sifted through them to get those roadmap slides. Each slide in the presentation is marked with the session number so you can easily find them yourself. I would say that the following ten sessions can help you stay up to date.

  • BRK2136
  • BRK3360
  • BRK3090
  • BRK2102
  • BRK2103
  • BRK2104
  • BRK2105
  • BRK3314
  • BRK3316
  • BRK2064

DIWUG slides download

You can download my DIWUG slides here! If you want a quick overview that dives into a different format you should checkout the slides Cameron Dwyer shared for his Ignite 2018 Sydney User Group session. I had a blast presenting and I hope the slides can help you share the awesome stuff that is coming! Do not hesitate to ping on twitter if you have questions!

Blog overview

As some of you rather read then download slides or watch recordings, you can use the following overview of blogposts that where released during the Ignite and contains most of the important announcements:

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