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Over the years we have released a few of our internal build tools. These build tools where build to save us time whenever deploying or managing packaging. All in all the focus was on making our live easier. Now all these tools were build for the on-premises full trust world, and build for Visual Studio. As a lot of other companies most of our projects are now moved from the full trust era to the new Cloud Model. That does mean new build tools or samples, and less updates to what is already in place. You can still find all of our solutions on the Visual Studio Marketplace. One of these solutions is the Mavention Quick Deploy solution that is available for Visual Studio 2012. Using Mavention Quick Deploy with a single mouse click you can build your SharePoint 2013 project, copy the assembly to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) and recycle the Application Pool of your Site Collection.

Available on GitHub

Github logoAs we are less active on updating those solutions to work in new Visual Studio versions we have decided to opensource them. By providing them as an opensource solution anyone who is doing in full trust code can still use them. You can find the SharePoint.CopyToGac repo on Github where it has been released and will be watched by us. If you have any additions feel free to raise an issue or do a PR, so if you need it to work on a newer version of SharePoint. Or you need it available in a newer version of Visual Studio raise a PR!

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