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Since Make 5.0 it’s possible to deploy Microsoft Teams and modify the SharePoint site that comes with a MS Team.


There are 3 templates needed to deploy a MS Team with Make and make adjustments on the SharePoint site that comes with a MS Team. These templates are:

  • playlist.xml
  • xml to deploy a MS Team
  • xml to make adjustments on the SharePoint site that comes with a MS Team

Below an example how these templates would look like. The files can also be downloaded as a zip package.


The playlist tells Make which files to use for the configuration.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Configurator xmlns="">
    <Provider NodeName="Playlist" Class="Mavention.SharePoint.SiteConfigurator.Providers.PlaylistProvider" Assembly="Mavention.SharePoint.SiteConfigurator"/>
  <Playlist RetryCount="2" RetryDelay="30000">
      <ConfigurationFile FileName="team.xml" FileType="Graph" Requeueable="False" />
      <ConfigurationFile FileName="make-configuration-main.xml" FileType="Make" Requeueable="True" />


This template deploys the Microsoft Team.

<Configurator xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="">
    <Provider NodeName="Graph" Class="Mavention.Make.Engine.Providers.GraphProvider" Assembly="Mavention.Make.Engine, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=a43c589e76ba4e3d"/>
      <Group DisplayName="{Title}" Description="{Title}" MailNickname="{mailNickName}" Visibility="{security}" GetObjectBy="InternalName">
        <Owners UserPrincipalNames="{owner}"/>
        <Members UserPrincipalNames="{owner};{member}"/>
          <MemberSettings AllowAddRemoveApps="true" AllowCreateUpdateChannels="true" AllowCreateUpdateRemoveConnectors="true" AllowCreateUpdateRemoveTabs="true" AllowDeleteChannels="true" />
          <GuestSettings AllowCreateUpdateChannels="false" AllowDeleteChannels="false" />
            <Channel DisplayName="Cool new products" GetObjectBy="DisplayName">
                <Tab DisplayName="Mavention Workspace" TeamsAppId="" GetObjectBy="DisplayName">
                  <Configuration ContentUrl="" />


This template is needed to make adjustments on the SharePoint site that comes with a Microsoft Team.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Configurator xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="">
    <Provider NodeName="Site" Class="Mavention.SharePoint.SiteConfigurator.Providers.SiteProvider" Assembly="Mavention.SharePoint.SiteConfigurator, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=a43c589e76ba4e3d"/>
  <Site Title="{Title}" Url="{url}" Template="GROUP#0" LCID="1033" OwnerLogin="" ObjectAction="Update" SharingCapability="ExternalUserSharingOnly" DenyAddAndCustomizePages="Disabled">
    <RootWeb Url="" Title="{Title}" Template="GROUP#0" LCID="1033">
        <Property Name="WebTemplate">MicrosoftTeam</Property>
        <Property Name="WebTemplateVersion"></Property>


The following properties can be used as metadata for the playlist.

Name: playlist.xml
Title: Microsoft Team
Configuration version:
Description: Microsoft Team
Start object type: Tenant
Parameters: see json


  "d": {
    "parameters": [{
      "id": "Title",
      "title": "Group Title",
      "inputType": "text",
      "required": true,
      "sampleValue": "Team site"
      "id": "mailNickName",
      "title": "Mailbox",
      "inputType": "text",
      "required": true,
      "sampleValue": "teamsite"
      "id": "url",
      "title": "Url",
      "inputType": "text",
      "required": true,
      "sampleValue": ""
      "id": "owner",
      "title": "Team owner",
      "inputType": "text",
      "required": true,
      "id": "member",
      "title": "Member of team",
      "inputType": "text",
      "required": false,
      "id": "security",
      "title": "Group Visibilty",
      "inputType": "text",
      "required": true,
      "sampleValue": "Public or Private"

Make request

An example of how the Make request could look like.

  "Id": "329bb7f5-b018-4bc5-8c80-f35c0aa7c9f3",
  "RequestType": 0,
  "ConfigurationFileUrl": "",
  "ConfigurationItemUrl": "",
  "Scope": "Tenant",
  "OverwriteIfExists": false,
  "Parameters": {
    "Title": "Team Site Wim",
    "mailNickName": "teamsitewim",
    "url": "",
    "owner": ";",
    "member": ";",
    "security": "Public"

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