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A nifty trick us SharePoint veterans use is to make an extra Library in a site and use that one as an extra page Library. Why you ask? Well, this comes in handy if you want to give specific content different permissions (instead of using item level security). This is also a nice way of combining pages of a topic to one Library so you can easily search and filter the pages in the Library view.

It’s pretty easy to do.

  1. Add an extra Document Library to your site
  2. Open the Library settings
  3. Go to advanced settings and allow management of content types
  4. Now, add the following existing Content Types

And you’re done. You can no use this library as a page library.

That is… Except for the Site Page. If you add a Site Page via new > Site Page it looks like nothing is going wrong but once you add a title and try to put in more content you’ll get the following error(1):

Why does this happen? 

When you create a new Site Page, SharePoint will give it a random filename (2). Once you give your page a title (in this case test) SharePoint will change the filename to the title. This will work in the original Site Page Library, but will not work in a Document Library. You can however still use the old 2013 type pages in the Document Library.


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