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The DCOM error 10016 is a well known one. To be honest this error only indicates that you’ve forgotten one step during the installation. :)

A. Solving this is quite easy:
1. Open Component Services
2. Navigate to DCOM Config and select IIS WAMREG admin Service
3. Choose Properties, select tab Security
4. At Launch and Activation Permissions, select Edit
5. Choose Add
6. Select from the local users and groups the group WSS_Admin_Wpg
7. Give this group Local Launch and Local Activation rights
8. OK that.
9. Now the error will not occur anymore.

Now when I was installing MOSS onto a Windows 2008 R2 machine I found the following situation:

B. As you can see, this dialog is disabled. It turns out that Windows 2008 R2 gives full rights to the TrustedInstaller instead of giving rights to Administrators. This results in you being administrator not being able to edit anything. You can solve this by doing the following:

1. Open RegEdit
2. Search for the IIS WAMREG admin Service guid {61738644-F196-11D0-9953-00C04FD919C1}
3. Select Permissions (as you can see Administrators only have Read rights)

4. Click Advanced

5. Click on the tab Owner and select Administrators
6. Click OK
7. Close RegEdit
8. Close Component Services (if hadn’t done that already)
9. Open Component Services
10. Now the dialog is enabled so you can perform the steps in section A.

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