Make design magic with borders and shadows

Style-facts part5 Soon or late everybody would like to have some spaceships on their webpage. Just A little magic to accentuate their artistical and technical capable side. Borders and shadows [...]

Responsive design: The things you need to know to make one

Style-facts part4 Responsive design was a buzzword a few years ago and now it is expected to be the fundament of every self respecting website. But since it is a purely styling concept we see [...]

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Eén overzicht van alle SharePoint sites, Office-365-groepen en Teams? Jawel, het kan!

Office 365, het is een zegen. Althans, dat vinden wij. Maar soms ben je het overzicht volledig kwijt. Je zoekt bepaalde informatie en hebt geen idee meer waar het stond. Was het een [...]

Microsoft Graph API: How to change images

Mavention Workspace has the ability to easily change the image of a group (or as we like to call them: Workspace). This will set the new image visible on all platforms including Microsoft Teams [...]

Using PowerShell DSC in ARM Templates

In one of my previous posts I introduced Azure Resource Manager templates, aka ARM templates. These templates are great for deploying and configuring Azure Resources like virtual networks, [...]

AppSettings in your SPFx solutions

With the SPFx framework you can make really cool web parts and extensions for SharePoint. In this blog I want to show you a little trick that can help develop your solutions. An easy way to set [...]