Deploy modern communication sites with Make

With the arrival of Make 5.5 it is possible to deploy modern communication sites. Template Deployment of a modern communication site can be down via the following template with file name [...]

Microsoft Team provisiong with Make

Since Make 5.0 it’s possible to deploy Microsoft Teams and modify the SharePoint site that comes with a MS Team. Template There are 3 templates needed to deploy a MS Team with Make and make [...]

Nieuwe release: Mavention Make 5.5

Mavention Make 5.5 Vanaf augustus 2019 hebben onze klanten een nieuwe versie van Mavention Make ter beschikking – Make 5.5. In deze nieuwe versie introduceren we nieuwe functionaliteiten en [...]

Adding links to teams in your SharePoint site

Creating new teams based on templates has never been easier. You can easily use existing teams as a template. One of the things I encounter often is that it makes sense to add some additional [...]

Webhooks and Mavention Make

Introduction In the new History overview in Mavention Make an overview of all Sites is presented. It is possible to navigate to the desired sites by clicking on the URL. By clicking on the title [...]

Nieuwe release: Mavention Make 5.0

Mavention Make 5.0 De langverwachte nieuwe versie van Mavention Make is eindelijk hier. In versie 5.0 introduceren wij nieuwe mogelijkheden die bedrijven nog beter ondersteunen in provisioning en [...]