Add a sorted ‘show more’ link to your searchwebpart

You probably have a page somewhere with a webpart that rolls up some search result content from the rest of your SharePoint environment. And if you want to offer your users a ‘show more’ link to [...]

SharePoint Search Crawl Issue That Makes You Wanna Scream

Recently I was migrating a SharePoint 2016 farm to SharePoint 2019. Not that exciting, because the customer did not have any farm solutions or customizations other than a custom claims provider [...]

Inconvenient duplicate accounts in People Picker with multiple Claims Providers

More and more customers are integrating their SharePoint on-premises environment with Azure Active Directory. The solution AzureCP is used to accomplish this quite easily. The solution installs a [...]

Export SharePoint search results to CSV after refining

There are a lot of blogs out there which touch on how to export SharePoint search results to an Excel CSV file. However my requirement was to export the results AFTER using the refinement panel [...]

List all failed site designs in your tenant

At the SPC19 in Las Vegas, I had the chance to present on site designs. During the final discussion on the options for administrators, a nice question arose. How can I get an overview of all [...]

Adding links to teams in your SharePoint site

Creating new teams based on templates has never been easier. You can easily use existing teams as a template. One of the things I encounter often is that it makes sense to add some additional [...]