How to get configuration from Azure App Configuration to Function App with dependencies?

How to get configuration from Azure App Configuration to Function App? And how to do it when this azure app has dependencies to other projects? At first this does not look like a difficult [...]

Deploy modern communication sites with Make

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Microsoft Team provisiong with Make

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Managing Timeouts for SharePoint and Azure AD integrations

Many companies still have SharePoint on-premises. Some of them have Azure Active Directory integrated with their SharePoint on-premises environment. This can be achieved quite easily by  [...]

Get SharePoint Search Parameters from URL Hash

This is part of a solution in which we allowed the end user to save search queries after using the refinement panel, paging or making query changes in the search results page. For this I needed [...]

Add a sorted ‘show more’ link to your searchwebpart

You probably have a page somewhere with a webpart that rolls up some search result content from the rest of your SharePoint environment. And if you want to offer your users a ‘show more’ link to [...]