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Hieronder vind je de changelog voor deze release.


  • Fixed issue where Playlist would pass it’s own folder as conainer for Assets instead of the folder where the configuration lives.
  • Updated to latest CSOM Packages for SP Online, 16.1.6518.1200
  • Updated to latest PnP Packages, version 2.16.1706.0
  • Fixed issue where site creation would fail if the URL has hebrew characters
  • Updated Configuration Scripts for easy installation/updates
  • New! Azure AD App Web UI for Online installations
    • Implemented ApplicationInsights Trace listener
    • Workers can be triggered from UI
    • Possibility to Configure Storage location and List names for backwards compatibility
    • Graph support for Office365 Groups provisioning
  • Added Enable-TenantAdmin.2016.ps1
  • Fixed duplicate values issue in web.config for On-Prem packages
  • Removed unused links from On-Prem Web UI
  • Implemented new UI for Make AppWeb
  • Fixed issue, NavigationNode updated was broken.
  • Implemented playlist retry functionality
  • Implemented new properties found in CSOM March 2017
  • Implemented saving log files to queue list
  • Fixed an issue where group properties were not updated if the group owner was set
  • Fixed an issue where the default value of a taxonomyfield was not set

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