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De release van Mavention Make beschikbaar op onze portal.
Hieronder vind je de changelog voor deze release.


  • Fixed issue: PnP Assets on Prem not working in some cases
  • Fixed issue: PnP Assets on Prem not working in some cases
  • Implemented: Additional FieldTypes like, FieldChoice, FieldCalculated, FieldText, FieldNumber…
  • Implemented: Dedicated AppId en AppSecret for KeyVault
  • Implemented: Graph support in Playlist
  • Fixed issue: Log saving fails on playlists running for more then 1h
  • Fixed issue: Get Started menu items View and Create link to the wrong page
  • Improved: URL handling for casesensitivity
  • Fixed issue: HasUniqueRoleAssignmets on Web was not a nullable boolean
  • Implemented: CSOM & PnP Package update
  • Implemented: Multiuser option in request parameters
  • Implemented: Fully automated Installation Script for Azure and SharePoint Online
  • Implemented: TaxonomyField picker in UI
  • Implemented: TaxonomyField DefaultValue now updates Wssid so it really works
  • Implemented: Migration Script for WebApp to Web configurations migration
  • Updated: Documentation base on customer feedback
  • Implemented: ViewWebPart additional properties

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