Make. Create and update SharePoint sites, Office 365 Groups and Teams using templates.
Quickly and easily.

The ultimate self-service governance platform for all your Office 365 applications.

Why Make?

Office 365 allows users to easily create a place where members of a work group or project team can collaborate, such as a SharePoint site or Office 365 Group or Team. Unfortunately, Office 365 has limited functionality to create templates of existing collaboration environments, and it does not allow existing sites, groups or teams to be updated. And that’s precisely what many organisations feel is lacking in the Microsoft platform. Mavention Make offers a solution to this problem.

Make makes it easy
Mavention Make makes it possible to create and update new sites, groups and teams quickly and easily using templates. What’s more, underlying services such as OneNote and Planner can also be provisioned and updated during the creating process.

Make is available in subscription form for Office 365, but it is also possible to install the software on your local tenant.

Mavention Make
Mavention Make

A new SharePoint Site, Office 365 Group or Team in no time

Mavention Make lets you create templates of your existing SharePoint sites, Office 365 Groups and Teams. It is also possible to create your own templates. These templates can then be used by end users to create new collaboration environments in an instant. All they have to do is choose the desired template, enter the required information and Mavention Make will do the rest.

Mavention Make also makes it as easy as 1-2-3 to update existing sites, groups and teams after they have been created. Any modifications to the configuration of the template will be implemented in the collaboration environment of your choice using an update template.

Would you like to check whether your sites, groups or teams still match your corporate templates? In a matter of minutes, Mavention Make compares your collaboration environments against your templates to spot and correct discrepancies!

Control over the content of your environment

In a template, you can determine what components you wish to include for each site, group or team.  For example, you can specify that a ‘project’ is always a SharePoint site with components such as SharePoint lists, you can create document libraries per project phase and have your company identity applied by default. If you are working with various partners, you can choose to create a Team using a Make template. This will allow you to roll out a number of channels automatically and add Microsoft services, such as OneNote and Planner, to your team.

Mavention Make gives you guaranteed control over and consistency across your Microsoft environment or environments, enabling you and your colleagues to focus on what really matters: collaborating effectively, efficiently and safely. Now doesn’t that sound better than having to grope in the dark, looking for better ways to collaborate?

Mavention Make apply configuration

Organised, manageable and seamless integration

Mavention Make’s administrator portal provides a clear overview of all created sites, groups and teams and allows you to manage your templates. The administrator portal also gives access to the Azure components used by Mavention Make. All components that run in your own environment are fully controlled by your organisation, and integrate seamlessly with tools like Flow and PowerApps. Under the hood, support has been added for the Office 365 PnP Provisioning Framework, Site scripts and our own XML engine.

Integrate Make with your
business applications

Make provisioning an intrinsic part of your business processes by linking the Mavention Make API to your business applications. Generate customer sites automatically whenever a new contact is added to CRM. Update project teams automatically upon starting a new project phase in ERP. Turn simple provisioning into a powerful tool to support Office 365’s lifecycle management and governance.

“We wanted to be able to roll out nine different SharePoint configurations at the requests of our end users. Thanks to Mavention Make, we were able to achieve this.”

Jeanine Sieliakus-Burgers,
Functional manager ProRail

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