Azure Cognitive Services – Adding knowledge to your bot with QnAMaker

In my previous blogpost, I created a simple chatbot using LUIS and the Microsoft Bot Framework. This demonstrates the concept of using a Natural Language Processor for a natural flow of [...]

Azure Cognitives Services – How to build a simple contextual Bot

As announced in my previous blog post I will be writing a series on some of the Azure Cognitive Services. Today I will start off with a topic that will be the foundation for the upcoming services [...]

Introduction to Azure’s Cognitive Services

Almost a year ago I graduated on a topic that involved Artificial Intelligence. To be more specific I created a chatbot that was able to interact with one of our products and used [...]

Image Analysis in SharePoint Online: some first steps

A while ago Microsoft announced their efforts into AI & Automation with SharePoint content. You can find a great writeup on Enrich you SharePoint Content with Intelligence and Automation. [...]