Governance; hoe balanceer je tussen loslaten en grip houden?

Een omgeving in SharePoint Online of Office 365 neerzetten bij een organisatie is één ding. Maar hoe zorg je dat iemand zich eigenaar voelt van de omgeving, hoe vind je de juiste balans tussen [...]

Mavention Make playlist with retry count and delay

When creating your umpteenth site using Mavention Make, you have probably seen that a correct template suddenly gives an error. You know that this template should work because it did provision [...]

Deploy Office 365 groups with Mavention Make

With Mavention Make it’s possible to deploy Office 365 groups and modify the SharePoint site that comes with this group. By using Site Provisioning you can stay in control and enforce a [...]

Mavention Make RoleDefinition, RoleAssignment and SharePoint group

If the default SharePoint groups and RoleDefinitions aren’t sufficient for you, you can create your own ones in SharePoint. This can also be done via a Mavention Make template.  Example In [...]

Mavention Make lookup column

In this blog I will explain how to apply a lookup column using a Mavention Make template. Considerations: Before the lookup column can be created, the list where the lookup column refers to [...]

Mavention Make multiple site nodes

Appling multiple templates sequential after each other using site XML nodes in a Mavention Make template,  allows you to provision more complex structures.  When to use multiple site XML nodes? [...]