Bulk restore items from the SharePoint recycle bin

When writing the blog https://www.mavention.nl/blogs-cat/paging-through-sharepoint-recycle-bin/ we ended with the conclusion that you can restore items in a recycle bin when the item limit [...]

Use paging to browse through the SharePoint recycle bin

When you remove an item within SharePoint it is not directly gone, it’s safely stored in your recycle bin. Nowadays with the boundaries in SharePoint it is stored in the recycle bin for up to 93 [...]

Using PowerShell DSC in ARM Templates

In one of my previous posts I introduced Azure Resource Manager templates, aka ARM templates. These templates are great for deploying and configuring Azure Resources like virtual networks, [...]

PowerShell Gem: Create a Password

Overtime you might have done a lot of PowerShell scripting. Each time you improve your skills and sometimes you’re getting amazed. At least I do. In this small post I’d like to share such a [...]

Creating Azure AD App Registration with PowerShell – Part 1

When developing Microsoft cloud solutions, Azure Active Directory is very important. Not only for user accounts, but also for registering your app. With this app you provide secure sign in and [...]

Get the default Azure Function key with PowerShell

In my current project I use Octopus deployment to deploy my Azure Web App and Function. The Azure Web App calls the Azure Function by its web hook (or Function Url). However, when both components [...]